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APP V52.0 is released


Viewport has arrived! 

You can now really focus in on your important moment set up the view port of the camera to only get the important moment to you.


Set up the viewport to only see the important moment of the door,fishtank,babycot or any of your other important moments


Only the image captured in the viewport will be sent to the cloud putting you in control of your data but just incase you want to remove all your data from the cloud we also offer that option under more and data


We believe only you should control and access your data!


How to use

1) Login to your APP 

2) Select sensors

3) select the camera you wish to set the viewport up on 

4)  select camera

5) select change on the viewport line

6) use the sliders to setup the viewport 

7) only the important moment in this port will be captured and sent to the cloud 


WPS Pairing update! 

we have relocated the WPS Pairing option to the beginning of the setup process to allow customers to choose their pairing method



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