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Pairing the camera with WPS step by step Pictures


Hello Customer!

After pairing failed the normal connection with imputing your W-lan network and password you will need to do the following: 

8.jpgClick: "Use WPS(PUSH)

9.jpgClick Update


10.jpgUnplug the Camera, and wait for 5 beeps, then press next. If you have less than 5 beeps, then you need to also reset the camera with holding the reset button until you have 4 fast beeps. then you will hear 5 beeps. Press next when that happens.

11.jpgWe are going to update your camera now so we need to transfer a small package to update your camera. your camera now has a Wi-Fi signal, please connect to the Wi-Fi signal of your camera, it should be dotIOxxxx or SH02xxxx. after connecting to the Wi-Fi of your camera, please press next.

13.jpgThis page pops up, please press next. 

14.jpgWait until it is updated. 

15.jpgWait until the camera is restarted and finish the updating session, Connect BACK to your Home Wi-Fi network and click finished

16.jpgAfter updating you will go back to the pairing with WPS Click next

17.jpgAsk the customer to locate the WPS button on the router. then press next.

18.jpgAsk the customer to activate WPS, this is done by pushing and holding the WPS button for 3 to 5 seconds until the router starts blinking or the router indicates that WPS is active for pairing. How to do this can also be found by googling the router name and how to activate WPS.

Put the Camera into QR scanning mode by pushing the button 1 time on the back so you hear 1 beep press next.

19.jpgOpen the QR code on your phone

21.jpgAim this screen to your Camera lens so the Camera scans and reads it. If this is successful it will beep 1 time. Press next when you hear the 1 beep.

22.jpgWait until the pairing is complete

23.jpgName and save the camera.

You have successfully paired the camera. Please finish





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