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Camera fails to connect step 3


As our camera requires the 2.4Ghz signal to connect some Routers are dual band and require an extra step to temporarily turn of the 5ghz signal whilst connecting the camera 


Step 1 - Using a device connected to your Internet login to your routers Hub Manager page by selecting your broadband provider in the table below and entering the IP address in the address bar and press search 

Internet provider IP address Internet provider IP address Internet provider IP address
Sky Broadband Bt Internet  192.168. 1.254 Virgin Media   192.168. 0.1
Talk Talk Vodaphone  192.168. 1.1 EE 192.168. 1.1
Now TV Plus Net Post Office
Glide Telstra Pentanet
Belong Aussie Broadband

iiNET Optus


Step 2 - Enter the Username and Password, the default user name and passwords are in the table below if these have not been changed 

Internet Provider  User Name Password  Internet Provider  User Name  Password 
Sky Broadband admin sky BT Internet  admin admin
Virgin Media  admin (on router) Talk Talk  admin (on router)
Vodaphone  admin admin EE (on router) (on router)
Now TV  admin nowtv Plus Net  (on router) (on router)
Glide (on router) (on router) Post Office (on router) (on router)
Telstra (on router) (on router) Pentanet  (on router) (on router)
Belong (on router) (on router) Aussie Broadband admin admin
TPG admin admin iiNET admin admin
Optus admin admin      

*Note Your router Label will contain the login information if not listed here 

Step 3- Once the Manager page has opened please locate the wireless settings page/Tab

Step 4 - Each manager page has a different layout we are looking to toggle off/turn off the 5ghz signal below are some images of the page required

Sky Broadband View BT Internet   View Virgin Media  View
Talk Talk   View Vodaphone   View EE  View
Now TV   View Plus Net   View Post Office  
Glide  View Telstra  View Pentanet   View
Belong    Aussie Broadband   TPG  
iiNET   Optus      

Step 5 - Carry out the connection process of connecting the camera again to the W-lan network using the username and password 

Step 6 - After the camera has been successfully connected the 5Ghz signal can be re-enabled



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